: : textBEAST User Comments : :

"Thanks very much for all the work on this app. I have to write about 100 letters per week. No two are exactly alike, but there are certain patterns of comments and explanations that recur frequently on certain themes. I went out in search of something exactly like this after trying to approximate it with a spreadsheet, and am really glad I found textBEAST. It has tremendously improved my efficiency in getting my paperwork done."

"I save a lot of time every day by sending standard e-mails to both my clients and their contacts using textBEAST, which would take ages without this great piece of inexpensive software."

"Decided to buy it after only 10 min of evaluation. I did exhaustive testing of many other apps for over a month to find something to help ease my work load doing medical transcription for a multi-physician practice. Though some of the other auto text apps were good, most of them required me to mouse over the task tray & then browse a tree like structure to find my phrase, which took extra steps & just wasn't convenient. TextBeast, however, can remain visible OR minimize into a small pane you can position anywhere on the desktop. I use this program on a 15.4" notebook & even on an average sized screen, the maximized window fits in the white space of a Word doc (using print view in Word). This means I can see all phrases w/o giving up any screen space & w/o obstructing other apps.

Each library (# available depends on version) has 9 pgs you switch to by clicking the corresponding page button & each of those pgs has 20 text boxes (10 "full text" & 10 "label", but in actuality all 20 of them are useable as full phrase boxes). This means I can quickly CLICK TO TYPE & get through my doc. As fast as I can click insert the text is in my Word doc. If I see a phrase I haven't yet added, I can highlight it & drag to an empty box so it copies the phrase into textBeast for future use.

I use this app mostly with MS Word (tested with Office XP & 2007) & speech recognition (to get the doctor phrases I can't predict & therefore can't program into textBeast) as well as Start/Stop, a transcription app. Additionally, I have multiple other apps open & this app experiences NO lag.

The support team is extremely responsive and fast, which is refreshing. They listen to customer response & implement suggestions into the app. I am a longtime user, having at this point gone through a few versions (it is updated regularly). I can't wait to see what feature gets added next."

"Awesome time saver. This thing is amazing...I call it my MemoBeast! Great way to store everything under one roof!! Beats opening and closing a bunch of apps just to save some stuff...works great...would have paid more!!! I wish it was available in other languages too...I have a Chinese friend that wants one but he doesn't speak English..any plans for a Chinese version?"

"I can't believe how organized this has made my life! I hated filling out those forms over and over again but I just point and click and no more typing it yay! My boss has even noticed!"

"Great time saver for my Administrative Assistant. Eliminates redundant typing tasks. Much easier to point and click than to type."

"Great easy-to-use Tool! Fantastic tool that helps me stay organized at many levels. It is also very user-friendly and intuitive."

"What a clever idea. This software really does save you time. It's so easy and friendly to use. I love it!"

"Excellent!!! I've been waiting for a product like this for a long time!!!"

"Great software! I have been using this every day. It's a true time saver!"