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:::. What are the advantages of textBEAST?

You can organize your clips into meaningful groups with your own custom names, allowing you to navigate very quickly to the clips you need. This makes textBEAST extremely well-suited for boilerplate text used in letters, emails, and reports. This is much faster than performing a search for needed items, and much easier than having to remember "autotext" shortcut commands.

textBEAST is an excellent tool for document automation, and is used in this manner by a number of our current clients in the legal, medical, and technology professions.

Unlike "clipboard extenders" that keep everything that passes through the Windows clipboard, textBEAST copies only what you want, avoiding unnecessary clutter, but also keeps the last 20 items that passed through the Windows clipboard in the "auto clipboard."

:::. How can textBEAST help increase accuracy?

Type it once, check it carefully, then copy it into textBEAST. Next time you need it, paste it with a single click, always error-free.

:::. How many clips can be stored in textBEAST?

The purchased version has unlimited capacity.

:::. How can I transfer my license to another computer?

On the Tools menu, select "Migrate/Reinstall." Once your key has been unregistered, it can be used again on another computer.

:::. How can I transfer my current data file(s) to textBEAST on another computer?

The easiest way to do this is by using the Tools:Backup function. Just navigate to the location you want to save the backup copy (USB memory, for example). Next, copy the file to the other computer (you can keep textBEAST data files anywhere you like). After opening textBEAST on the other computer, use File:Open to navigate to and open the file.

:::. Do I have to be logged into Windows as an administrator to install and run textBEAST?

Like many Windows programs, textBEAST requires administrator log-in to install, but can be run by any user afterward. If not logged in as an administrator, you can right-click on the setup file and then click "run as" to enter administrator approval for installation.

:::. How is textBEAST Speedy Clipboard different from textBEAST Clipboard Manager?

textBEAST Speedy Clipboard is the updated version of Clipboard Manager, with addition of a spell check function and revised screen capture to work with high resolution monitors and screen scaling. The new name is intended to reflect textBEAST's organizational structure that allows speedy access to saved clips.

:::. How does textBEAST manage text formatting?

Pasted text automatically matches the formatting of the target document, but font can be customized for display purposes on textBEAST.