textBEAST Speedy Clipboard

textBEAST Speedy Clipboard is the updated version of our clipboard software, renamed to reflect its speedy operation that accelerates your workflow. Designed to allow simple and effective organization of clips for quick access, textBEAST facilitates many tasks.

Simplify document preparation: Any text that you may use or refer to again, whether brief or many pages in length, can be copied and stored so that it can be quickly retrieved, viewed, and pasted into documents or communications. A quick click pastes stored clips into any application that accepts text, including word processors, spreadsheets, and web browsers, to assemble documents of any kind.

Portable USB version included: Runs on your USB device without installing any files on the host computer.

Please see the Quick Tour for details and test drive the free trial version.

Speedy Clipboard version 3.8.5 Download Trial Version