textBEAST SmartTemplates

textBEAST SmartTemplates is a productivity application that allows organized storage of text clips and templates (whether brief or many pages in length), allowing rapid access and insertion into new documents. It features user-defined variables that let you build intelligent templates with selectable options and ensures that all variables are completed when creating a new document based on a template.

Rather than rely on manual editing of variable sections of a template each time it is used, which is prone to errors and omissions, textBEAST SmartTemplates offers reliability, consistency, and speed. Just set up a template, add your variables (textbox/checkbox/option button/dropdown) and it's good to go for high productivity!

Portable USB version included: Runs on your USB device without installing any files on the host computer.

Please see the Quick Tour for details and test drive the free trial version.

SmartTemplates version 4.1.8 adds optimized window positioning for multiple monitors and optional pop-up information when launching web sites: add up to 3 phrases/notes using the backslash as the separator (e.g., www.asbware.com\phrase 1\phrase 2\phrase 3).

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textBEAST SmartTemplates