Clinical Scribe

Software for Automated Clinical Reports/Notes

Clinical Scribe

"With the addition of textBEAST to my EMR, my office note completion time has decreased exponentially. My typing is now minimal and my notes are tremendously more complete. With all of today's changes in healthcare and diminishing provider time to spend with patients, textBEAST is a must-have tool. Thank you!"
Stan F, Neurologist; Wyomissing PA

Create intelligent automated templates that work with any EMR or word processor

Set up powerful templates that generate meaningful and readable narrative reports/notes with the ease and convenience of clicking checklists.

Escape the note-writing limitations of your EMR

Electronic Health Record software note-writing tools are cumbersome to set up and use, producing awkwardly written text.

An intuitive user interface allows construction and modification of templates without any programming knowledge but with the sophistication and flexibility of custom programming.

Take it with you to use at multiple practice sites

Included USB drive version can be used on any computer without installation, allowing portable templates with any EMR.

Meticulously developed by a physician, for all clinicians

Developed with the needs of a clinician in mind, by a practicing physician.

Includes medical spellcheck.

Patent-pending technology

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